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Hany Nagib

Power-with Liberation

I'm passionate about replacing power-over with power-with as much as and as widely as possible. I'm passionate about helping people see more clearly and deeply into themselves and their loved ones. In my work, I invite a dance of compassionate connection where we see more fully the heart, and the basic needs in one another. And this is the natural doorway to creative possibilities of what to do next. Powerful strategies emerge when we fully see that we are on the same team. This dance is informed by naming and actively rebalancing the power dynamics at play in all places where people interact. Some power dynamics are personal, some systematic, and most of them are invisible to us unless we pay attention to them. We practice notcinig and rebalancing power imbalances because that's how we reach a place of real harmony and equity .. a place where we truly are on the same team. This is the power-with liberation that gets us closer to the real gems of juicy human connections.

This work is useful for:
- Individuals to unpack and change patterns that hold them back.

- Relationships of two or more people who are seeking insights into their dynamics, mediation for a recent conflict, or ways to address patterns of conflicts.

- Families .. help parenting .....

- Groups of people in companies, communities who seek to "sync up" their culture, their values, or enhance their ability to cocreate by breaking down unseen/unacknowledged barriers. 

About me: ...background, power-with themed life (started power-with school, 

I charge a sliding scale of $35 - $75 per hour, with no one turned away for lack of money as long as I have capacity. We can use Zoom or Google Meetup. Please fill out this form , and I'll get back to you. Thanks.

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