About the Facilitators


Keli Bryan is a Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator at ZigZag. Her dream and mission has been to create a space for children to thrive, to be themselves, to discover and pursue what inspires them and gives them fulfillment. She loves playing with kids and learning more about everything they are into. She loves being a resource for kids and teens as they pursue their own goals.

Keli's professional background includes work as an elementary Art teacher, and later as a high school Biology, Art, and English teacher. She has been a consultant to school districts in NJ to implement service-learning and social-emotional learning programs. She has worked as a school psychology researcher, and taught intro level statistics and psychology classes at Rutgers University. She has also been a parenting coach and workshop facilitator for topics such as compassionate communication with children, play-based learning, peaceful parenting, self-directed education, and power-with relationships.


Keli has a Masters in Education and a Masters in Clinical/Community Psychology. Since moving to Asheville 9 years ago, she co-founded Asheville Adventure Play, a group that offers free child-led play events to the community, and then ZigZag ALC. More recently, she completed a coding bootcamp and has been teaching kids and teens to code online and at ZigZag.


Hany Nagib is a Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator at ZigZag.

The core flow of his personal life and his work is the liberation that comes from transforming power-over into power-with - a place where the needs of everyone are equally represented and considered. He is a facilitator of all things that help people connect more deeply to each other, from working with kids, to relationship and parent coaching, to mediation, to leading workshops.

Hany is trained in Agile Learning, non-violent communication, facilitation, and community mediation. He has a passion for kids of all ages, and loves to interact with them through play, service learning, and engaging their curiosities. He has taught high school classes in Racial Justice, Compassionate Communication, and Debate. Inspired by his own kids, Hany co-started ZigZag based on principles of kindness, respect for children's autonomy, and the joy of gentle non-coercive guidance.


Hany has a Masters in Computer Science. He had a prior career as a Director and IT Executive at AT&T, Lucent, Merck, and an Internet startup company.


Chelsey Jones is a Facilitator at ZigZag. She has a passion for seeing children live and grow freely. It’s important for her that every child sees their value and importance in the world. She loves meeting kids where they are, and helping them get where they want to be.

She likes nature, family adventures, yoga, tea, coffee, eating to nourish, cyclical living, making simple things into sacred ritual, finding the magic, the sun, the ocean, house plants, baths, meditation, hiking, painting, and seeing people find their joy. 

Chelsey has worked with kids for over 15 years in various capacities, including babysitting, nannying, and teaching. She co-founded an Agile Learning Community in Georgia, and found this model to be the perfect fit for her and her family in liberating children. She found ZigZag when she moved to Asheville, and feels totally at home facilitating there.


Sara Munro is a Facilitator at ZigZag. She is passionate about unschooling and dismantling adult supremacy. She loves children and has dedicated the past 18 years of her life to working with them in preschools, elementary schools, as a nanny, and unschooling her own children. Her favorite activities to do with children include making art, exploring nature, reading books, and playing games.

Originally from Indiana, Sara moved to Asheville 11 years ago and loves living in western North Carolina. She enjoys hiking, gardening, crafting, reading, and raising chickens.

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Nathaniel Marshall is a Facilitator at ZigZag. Hey everyone, I'm Nate! I'm a recent graduate of UNCA's environmental studies department with a concentration in ecology where I continued exploring the relationship between living things and their environment. During my senior year, I completed an internship with the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy as a youth educator. It was through this experience that I found great passion in offering youth agency and compassion as they discover and navigate the world around them.

It is an immense privilege to be part of a community like ZigZag that honors the liberation and self-directed learning in all youth. My other passions include playing music, skateboarding, cooking and writing.

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Julia Taylor is a new Facilitator at ZigZag. She is excited to join this team and share her passions of cultivating curiosity, deep play, and a love of learning. Julia has a bachelor's degree in Dance & Anthropology from UNCA, and brings a trauma-informed lens to learning as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner in her third year of training. An artist, dancer, mother, and community leader, Julia has been living with her family and fully engaged in the intentional community of Earthaven Ecovillage for the last seven years. She’s dedicated her time there to developing her skills as a facilitator, mediator, and community event organizer, including co-creating cooperative homeschooling programs and child-centered seasonal celebrations.

With unwavering enthusiasm, Julia is an advocate for art, non-violent communication, systems of accountability, social repair, and community connection. She is excited to accompany and support kids at ZigZag exploring their interests, creative impulses, and relationships with one another.